Independent Venues Unite to Deal with Crisis

With the Covid 19 Coronavirus leading to the widespread cancellation of public events, independent venues from around the world are now facing an unprecedented challenge, unlike anything they’ve experienced beforehand. On March 12th, 2020, Independent Venue Week hosted a digital conversation to an attendance of more than 75 live music professionals.

In lieu of recent events, Independent Venue Week is spearheading an initiative to provide venues with a platform that provides these individual business ventures with the tools, resources, and community that they will need to ride out this storm. This could include everything from a means to boost fundraising efforts, amplify press outreach, and provide support to everyone going through uncertain times.

“The very nature of being an independent venue means they’re doing it with fewer resources than their commercial peers,” says Rev. Moose, Managing Partner of Marauder, the agency that runs Independent Venue Week in the US. “When facing issues such as mass closures these venue owners have only each other to look to. Part of what we were hoping to achieve by organizing such a conversation is to remind people that they’re not going through it alone. There are colleagues that are asking themselves the exact same questions. By centralizing these discussions we hope to ease the pressure that everyone is currently feeling.”

Independent Venue Week will continue its unwavering support of independent venues and the people that depend upon them.

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