The Prince Albert

The Prince Albert is a small grassroots venue run in a friendly and professional way by the team behind this friendly Cotswolds pub perched high above Stroud town centre. While welcoming various genres they are keen to bring artists and musicians that you would not normally see in a small pub and have many years working in the industry with bands and at festivals that their contacts are now wide and various.
Over the years attendees have enjoyed nights with Tuvan Throat singers, still standing punk outfits, travelling east europeans complete with a caravan of vehicles, poetry, comedy from all over as well as having helped labour local talent and some of the current crop of new artists were playing – and working – in the Albert before finally getting the well deserved attention from 6music, BBC Intro and Radio 4. The Prince Albert is currently having music nights on Sunday and Mondays.
During lockdown they morphed into a pizza and burger joint takeaway to survive – this has developed into a popular food and drink night out over the weekend nights, by moving the music nights they found they could concentrate better on ensuring the bands were able to receive the attention as well as happy gig goers.