Morocco Bound [London Bridge]

At Morocco Bound, we celebrate the harmony of arts. Our unique concept fuses a live music venue with a bar, bookshop and café. Inspired by the rich culture of the Moroccan leather markets that once stood on the venues grounds, Morocco Bound has evolved from just a bookshop to a steadfast participant in the South London live music scene. Known for our intimate and cozy vibes, Morocco Bound is the perfect setting for stripped-back and acoustic performances. Our stage has become a sanctuary for jazz aficionados, lovers of singer-songwriters, folk enthusiasts, and indie music connoisseurs. We pride ourselves in giving artists a platform, especially those who struggle to get gigs elsewhere.


Accessible toilet available. Assistance dogs welcome. Information available online and/or staff available to advise on further support. Queue jump available for people that can't stand for long periods of time. Venue all one the floor. Wheelchair accessible and/or venue all on the floor.