Kazimier Stockroom

Kazimier Stockroom is a 100 capacity arts venue located adjacent to the Kazimier Garden on Seel Street in the centre of Liverpool. It was created in response to our diminishing abilities to host live music in the Kazimier Garden due to new developments of residential apartment blocks slowly surrounding the site, where our beloved Kazimier Club once stood. We opened our doors in March 2019 and quickly became known as a go to space for grassroots music and performance in the city. We are very happy to have worked with some of Liverpool’s most prolific and high quality promoters, bands and performers plus a huge range of touring bands, artists and theatre shows from the UK, Europe and the USA in our first year of existence.


Able to support someone with other relevant needs. Assistance dogs welcome. Queue jump available for people that can't stand for long periods of time.