Krakatoa is Aberdeen’s only tiki dive bar, fittingly located on the innermost edge of the harbour, bang in the city centre, and sited in a 19th Century tenement block.  The explosion of its namesake in 1883 reputedly produced the loudest sound in recorded history, and this bombproof little venue is fortunate to feature granite walls 2 feet thick.  For anyone seeking refuge from the zombie apocalypse, this place ticks all the right boxes…

The interior features a long narrow room, with an elevated stage at the far end, and a long bar running down one side.  It’s a neon lit lounge equipped to the highest standard with fully digital Funktion One rig.

The bar boasts 42 beer lines, and in addition to the ubiquitous standards there are 10 imported world beers, 7 Belgian & fruit beers, 7 cask ciders, up to 12 cask ales, and 50 imported bottled beers.  There’s also a huge range of sprits (particularly rum), tiki drinks, and absinthe.  This is an award winning bar in it’s own right, and the only place in town you can get a pint of cask ale after 1am.

Krakatoa is the gig of choice for bands seeking a deeper connection to the audience.  It’s tiki fuelled madness offers nocturnal escape for the free spirited, and an incandescent Dionysian antidote to the mainstream.


Able to support someone with other relevant needs. Accessible toilet available. Assistance dogs welcome. Personal assistant ticket available. Queue jump available for people that can't stand for long periods of time. Venue all one the floor. Wheelchair accessible and/or venue all on the floor.