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Honeyglaze, Maruja, Picture Parlour

31 January at 7:45 pm

Day 2 of [Independent Venue Week 2023]( and we’ve got some very local friends playing along with some new friends from Manchester. [HONEYGLAZE]( Honeyglaze is a South London based, haiku-loving trio comprised of vocalist and guitarist Anouska Sokolow, bassist Tim Curtis, and Yuri Shibuichi on drums. Born out of lead songwriter Sokolow’s un-desire to be a solo-act, the group met officially at their first ever rehearsal, just three days ahead of what was to become a near-residency at their favoured ‘The Windmill’, Brixton. Forming a mere five-months ahead of a subsequent five-months of mandatory solitude, Honeyglaze, at first appearance, are a group who play with chance, time, and synergetic fate, in a manner few others are able to do. A thirty-minute YouTube live session recorded in the garage of their close pal Fran for ‘FarmFest 2020’ pricked the ears of seminal producer Dan Carey and his team of meticulous taste-makers Speedy Wunderground (Tiña, Squid, Black Country New Road) who produced and released their eponymous debut album. A self-described “opposite to a concept album” that sonically encapsulates the who, what, where and how of their individual circumstances coming together as one, Honeyglaze is storytelling at its most soulful, presenting human instinct in a manner that accepts all of the insecurities that come from their present adolescence, whilst acknowledging the formative maturity that’s earned when we allow ourselves to embrace the unknown, of our futures ahead. Mixing the personal with romanticised ideals in ways that are simultaneously heart-wrenching and humorous to a dead-pan effect, there is no one trajectory for Honeyglaze, whose greatest ability is finding ways to present what’s written in-between the lines, in moments of beautifully well-versed clarity. Tackling themes varying from jealousy to inadequacy, codependent companionships to the smell of coffee on clothes, as with all good reflections of self, Honeyglaze is a fly on the wall opportunity to get to know three familial strangers in your own way – whilst they too suss out themselves, and the ever-growing circle around them, in the span of 37 minutes. [MARUJA]( Jazzpunk from Manchester. Lassie the Roof Dog’;s very best new friends. ‘Already establishing themselves as one of the most breathtakingly turbulent bands currently emerging out of Manchester, the jazz-punks Maruja have returned once more to share their tempestuous new single, ‘Thunder’. The track builds upon the unforgiving foundations of their previous releases, creating impending waves of unyielding chaos that drag you in closer with every waking moment. ‘ – Red Dog Music [PICTURE PARLOUR]( ‘Picture Parlour have been sneaking around for a while, teasing us with demos and home-recorded covers on their socials. And it’s these little peeks which have lured us on, impatiently waiting for their debut single to be released this year. After our first listen, we can promise the perfect dose of dizzying guitar, truthfully observant lyrics, and instantly compelling vocals. You’ll be in a trance from the moment this lot drop their imminent single, so be prepared for a refreshing obsession like no other.’ –

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31 January
7:45 pm
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Windmill Brixton
22 Blenheim Gardens
London, SW2 5BZ
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