Thank you all so much for your support in the 11th edition of Independent Venue Week, one that has been another huge celebration of our amazing venue community.

To everyone who played as if they were headlining Glastonbury to a packed intimate venue, drove around the country, lugged equipment in and out of venues, set up stages, did sound and lighting, put on a show, bought a ticket, travelled to a venue, danced down the front, bought merch, spent money locally on food, drinks, taxis, public transport – to every single one of you, thank you for celebrating #IVW24 and the UK venue community so brilliantly.

We’d like to thank all our #IVW24 partners who have helped make this week possible, which means so much to us and everyone involved in IVW:

Arts Council England, BBC Radio 6 Music, Beavertown, Creative Scotland, Creative Wales, BBC Introducing, Gigantic, Sound Tech and PPL.

Huge thanks to Arts Council England, Creative Scotland and Creative Wales for supporting the week when we are mindful that arts funding is under immense pressure and coupled with even greater demand. We hope we have helped to deliver a meaningful week that will have an impact on our venues for the months to come.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to our broadcast partner BBC Radio 6 Music for their extensive and in-depth programming across the week. Hearing the stories and listening to people in each of the local music communities, as part of their nationwide five-day tour, really does bring to life how vibrant, exciting and passionate people are, all around the country. And having this chance to share their experiences, on radio, means so much and stays with them for a very long time.mA special thanks goes out to the whole BBC 6 Music team as well as Steve Lamacq returning after his break and to Huw Stevens who joined us on his first IVW tour.

Thanks also go to BBC Introducing who not only booked all of the supports for BBC 6 Music shows but also acted as local tour guides for Steve and Huw.

Thank you to Beavertown for being our official beer partner, providing every venue with rider stock during the week, including their alcohol free lager, and for supporting three fantastic shows across the week.

Gigantic have been outstanding ticketing partners this year, PPL have travelled to meet local communities and support new artists and Sound Tech have supported across sound and lighting – thank you all – these partners truly see the absolute value of supporting independence within the live music ecology and the vital role that venue owners and operators play within it.

Thank you to each and every artist and their teams for putting on shows that got audiences through the doors of venues around the UK – your support for them has been, as always, vital to packing these spaces out each night and ensuring their longevity. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with our #IVW24 Artist Ambassadors who also flew the flag for venues during the week – English Teacher, Brooke Combe (Scotland) and L E M F R E C K (Wales) – all of whom played incredible shows during the week and have such bright futures ahead of them.

Thanks go to our network of reps all around the country who are our eyes and ears in their areas, to ensure we are reaching everyone and supporting our community in the best way possible. We’re also grateful to our volunteers who’ve helped ensure we support our venues on the night and across the week.

So, thank you all. Your support means the world and means we can continue to deliver our huge celebration of our independent venue community at the start of each year. As we’ve said before, it is never taken for granted and we’re ever grateful that your support enables us to continue our work supporting our venue community.

And of course, the biggest thank you of all goes out the incomparable UK venue community for providing this week, just as you do every other week of the year, such immense programming for your local communities. The week exists to celebrate you and IVW & IVC exists year round to support you and all that you do in creating the most memorable experiences for people all over the country. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that as we invariably dedicate our work to you.

Independent Venue Week is one week of the year, but these venues deserve our support and celebration every week of the year so they can continue to be the lifeblood of their communities for years to come. As another IVW comes to an end, we ask this of you as gig-goers: if you visited an independent venue for the first time this week, make sure you go back for another show, bring some friends and support them again. If there were any venues in your local area you weren’t able to visit, buy a ticket to a show and visit them with your friends and have what we guarantee will be a wonderful experience.

Stay safe, keep supporting and keep celebrating!

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