This year, we are moving the sign up and ongoing communications with IVW to a new platform to streamline the whole process, make it easier and more efficient to communicate with you and update you on key things. The updated Code of Conduct can be found here along with all documents and forms you will need will be found on the platform. This includes a separate sign up for promoters. Please make sure you have a read of the Code of Conduct before getting contact to make sure your venue is eligible to participate.

Please contact if you wish to sign-up.

We’ve produced an IVW FAQ which details the most frequent comments and questions we hear about the running of IVW and the reasons why we ask what we do from you. We hope this helps to clarify how we work and should help make IVW work even better for everybody.

Thanks and see you down the front.

Sybil (Founder)    Chloe (UK Director)    Charlie (Logistics)    Oscar (Comms)

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