#IVWTake5 – Joe Talbot (Idles) chats with James Cox (Crows)

It’s Monday, so another #IVWTake5 is here and this week we have last week’s guest Joe Talbot of Idles chatting with James Cox of Crows

Stay tuned until the end to see who James will have as his guest next week. 


#IVWTake5 sees two people sharing their thoughts and experiences of their life in music from early gig going in venues, shows they’ve loved, venues that mean a great deal to them and more widely how music has been such a positive influence in their lives.

This third edition features  Joe Talbot (Idles) chat with James Cox (Crows) about their favourite venues they have played in, their best (and worst!) gig moments, how they deal with the pressure of performing live and a whole lot more.

Follow our socials or watch the video through to the end to see who next week’s #IVWTake5 guest is, and get your questions in for them by 5pm on Tuesday. 

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