Independent Venue Week Sponsor Profile: Eventbrite

Independent Venue Week is proud to welcome Eventbrite back as its exclusive ticketing partner. One of the founding sponsors of the event, Eventbrite is an ideal ally in our shared mission of celebrating the independent venues that provide a stage for emerging artists to grow in their craft. “As the technology that powers many of the independent venues across North America, we’re fired up to be partnering with Independent Venue Week for the second year. These venues and promoters work tirelessly day in and day out to bring great music artists to fans around the country and we’re proud to partner with an initiative that provides acknowledgment and support for this critical part of the live music industry,” said Eventbrite Advisor and Cofounder of Ticketfly, Andrew Dreskin.

Though Eventbrite’s platform is used by promoters for events far beyond the music sphere, their commitment to empowering local creators and understanding of the technological hurdles that can restrain the spirit of independence is unquestionable. Just this year, Eventbrite launched their “Power to the Independents” campaign through Eventbrite Music, creating new ticketing solutions and marketing tools that enable promoters, venues, and festivals to reach wider audiences. The effects have been dramatic to say the least – one mid-sized Seattle venue saw ticket sales increase 79% after just six months of using the new platform.

Independent Venue Week has expanded rapidly for its second iteration in the US, and Eventbrite’s long-standing relationships with their network of venues has done wonders in propelling that growth to 82 venues in 52 markets – and counting! As we continue to grow together, Eventbrite hopes to continue to deepen their connections to these bastions of local culture.

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