Q&A – New York-based psychedelic rock band, Job Creators

New York-based Job Creators, a psychedelic rock band, is a two-piece with a bassist and a synth-playing drummer. They’ve played sold-out shows in New York City and Boston, small-town festivals and breweries across New England, and even an old coffin shop in Brooklyn. You can read more about them on BTR Today & WEMF Radio, follow them on Instagram @jobcreatorsband or visit www.jobcreatorsband.com.

Which was the first venue you ever performed at? How did it go?

The first place we played was back in 2013 at PA’s Lounge in Somerville, Massachusetts. We had been jamming a lot together, but we still weren’t really sure if having just a drummer and a bassist could actually be a band. But bands like El Ten Eleven and Big Business were a big inspiration for us. When we started, I had a loop pedal loaded up with audio samples and Tim, our drummer, hadn’t started playing synth yet.

We blasted through our set to a crowd of about ten people. People seemed equally confused and intrigued, so we considered it a success. After the show, we were told we sounded like the soundtrack to a video game – we considered it high praise!

Which is your favorite venue? And why?

We can’t play NYC’s Pianos enough times. There’s always a crowd and you never know who you might get – could be a group of Dutch tourists, Brooklyn hipsters, frat bros, Manhattanites drunk from happy hour… and they all come together in one place. Pianos is one of those rare places in NYC that still has an appeal for everyone – whether you’re just going for a drink, want some free music in the upstairs lounge, or want to see what kind of up and coming music is happening on the Main Stage.

For us, the Pianos Main Stage changed how we play, too, because they have a projector that covers the whole back wall which really showcases our live visuals. Also Wolf and the whole team that make the stage and room sound awesome every time.

Why do you think it’s important to support independent venues?

Independent venues are the lifeblood of the music ecosystem. It’s affordable for fans to show up and it’s a low barrier for bands that are trying to do something new and unique. We’re a two-piece that has no guitarist and no singer. We need venues like Pianos to believe in us and give us the opportunity to play something a little weirder than what the mainstream might be looking for.

Listeners get the chance to experience something outside their comfort zone and bands get the chance to express themselves with zero compromises. 

How would you like to see something like Independent Venue Week develop in the future?

I’d love Independent Venue Week to be the main platform and catalyst for people to discover their cities’ local venues. Every time I bring friends to venues in NYC that aren’t the biggest ones, they’re surprised by how much they like them… and how they’ve never heard of them before.  IVW is such a great opportunity to build more awareness for all those venues that make that experience possible – as well as the acts that come through there. 

What’s next for you? Any upcoming releases, shows, etc. we should know about?

Our next album, “Dream Harvest”, is getting released in October. It’s our first LP and got recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. We’re so excited to share it with the world. On July 11, we’re going to be debuting a bunch of songs from the new album and releasing the single, “Dream Harvest.” 

Stay tuned and stay independent!

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