Working with 750,000 recording artists, CD Baby has become the largest distributor of independent music over the last two decades. Helping artists get paid for music in all the ways musicians can earn money today – streaming, downloads, video monetisation, publishing royalties, vinyl & CD sales, sync licensing and more – the company are helping to ensure creative acts can enjoy aa sustainable and successful career, which is why Independent Venue Week is proud to have them as a partner for 2019. Here CD Baby’s Rich Orchard explains why they are backing us.

Why did get involved in IVW and decide to support the UK’s independent venues?
CD Baby artists are largely performing musicians, playing grassroots venues in the UK and around the world. By championing those venues and that live ecosystem, we’re supporting our artists – as well as getting the opportunity to meet and help new artists at the same time. We also just opened a London office last year, so we can now connect with and support the UK independent music community even more than we’ve been able to previously.

What have you got planned throughout the week?
We are doing an artist event in Leeds for IVW with Club 360 at the Lending Room on Friday: a Getting Heard & Releasing Your Music panel followed by a CD Baby social where we can meet with the local artists. But the partnership is really about the year round for us, so there will be similar workshops, events and showcases in IVW venues across the UK in the months ahead. We’re really looking forward to it, plus I get to tick a few new venues off my personal ‘to visit’ list!

Our venues are independent as our the artists who use your services – what do you believe are benefits of true independence?
Aside from owning your music, it’s about being able to share it with the world on your own terms – and being fully in control of your creative path and destiny. These days of course, self-release is more popular than ever – with many artists at various stages of their careers opting out of traditional label deals to go the DIY route instead.

In the current climate, what are the most important things aspiring artists need to take into account?
Artists need to choose the partner that is best for them personally, looking at what services they are being offered. In addition to live show revenue, there are far more ways to make money from your music in 2019 than ever before, and our mission is to enable independent musicians to collect all their money from their music. The good news is CD Baby artists earned over $100m last year!

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