Getting in the van and on the road for Independent Venue Week 2018, Marshall Records is bringing some of its bands on tour. We wanted to give you a little introduction to their music.

Joining us on the road this year for Independent Venue Week, we’ll have a number of Marshall Records, artists playing a number of dates across independent venues. The tour is called ‘For the Record’, and is one of a number of partnerships between Marshall and Independent Venue Week over the last few years.

Joining Marshall and IVW on tour will be Reigning Days and King Creature. Both bands have a a love for heavy guitars and enjoying themselves. But instead of asking the bands about what they’re releasing and how they’re getting on with it – we thought we’d spin things on their head.

Jumping in the tour van and getting on the road is a task in itself. There are the issues of what to have for breakfast, where to stop for a break, and what to do with all the downtime during long load in.

We never get to hear about how this feels for the bands doing it. So we thought we’d find out through a series of situations you might find yourself in while playing across the UK.

The bands will play:

Monday 29 January – The American Bar, Belfast – TICKETS

Tuesday 30 January – Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff – TICKETS

Wednesday 31 January – The Joiners Arms, Southampton – TICKETS

Thursday 1 February – Nambucca, North London – TICKETS

Friday 2 February – Actress and Bishop, Birmingham – TICKETS

Saturday 3 February – Night People, Manchester – TICKETS

Sunday 4 February – Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh – TICKETS

You’re packing to go on the road, and the band can’t decide on what you’ll all be having on your toast in the morning. What one spread would you all take on tour with you?

Reigning Days: Eating any kind of breakfast is pretty much just a myth. I’ve never in my life met a band that gets up on time for breakfast call let alone bus call, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the only thing we can hope to achieve in the mornings is toothpaste. If we manage to brush our teeth then we’re already on to a winner.

King Creature: Probably most would do a marmite and jam spread, but Dave Kellaway is keen on Nutella, Matt loves cheese, Jules and Jack love Guinness and Ev loves his own spread.

You’ve stopped for an evening meal before the show –what do you all like to go to eat?

Reigning Days: Eating before shows are also pretty hazardous. You just can’t do a show on a full stomach; otherwise, you’ll see the return of ‘the bucket’ by the drummer. Something light, think finger food!

King Creature: Depends on the levels of beer and guilt, we all love oriental food, we all have been known to double drop a McDonalds, when on the road it’s hard to eat healthily but at times we all stare into a bag of nuts and seeds crying.

Who’s responsible for driving?

Reigning Days: That’s normally sorted out in the only way a band knows how “SHOTGUN AINT ME TODAY” the slowest loses and becomes dedicated wheelman for the day!

King Creature: The driver!!!!! Hahaha, we try and talk our friends into coming along, luckily we have found a couple of friends that don’t drink. When there’s no one else that will put up with us then it’s down to us, I mean Kellaway!!!

Load in at the venue is taking ages and you’re all bored waiting for your sound check to start. How do you amuse yourself? 

Reigning Days: We like to take a football with us, can’t beat pre-show heads and volleys.

King Creature: Smoking mainly, followed by a drink and a chat followed by another drink and that’s when we hope the sound check guy gets going before we get too wobbly!!

Who’s most likely to end up with shaving foam all over their face after falling asleep too early?

Reigning Days: Shaving? On tour?

King Creature: To be fair we are all die hard until the end guys and couldn’t pick one of the band to be that guy…. However we do have one of our crew, Tyler, how tends to sleep face down on tables!!!


What’s your favourite service station? 

Reigning Days: No service station is good. They’re all rip off merchants!

King Creature:  Gloucestershire farm services

Who’s on your driving playlist? 

Reigning Days: Jeremy vine show, talk sport.

King Creature: Pantera, BLS, Dead Daisies.

You’ve left the band to start a supergroup. Who would be playing in it?

Reigning Days: Brady Dalle, Frank Carter and Jools Holland.

King Creature: Firstly no one in the band leaves that’s the deal with us, non-negotiable. So I guess the answer to your question would be we….. we would love to play with Zak, Corey, Doug Aldridge, we would make a killer sound!!!

What’s interesting to you about playing an independent venue? 

Reigning Days: You’re not part of a big franchise. These independent venues have to work twice as hard to compete with the big names in this industry. Like being in any band trying to climb the ladder. There’s a mutual respect that we’re all in it together.

King Creature: We are at the stage in our journey where we feel it’s important to bring our music to these kinds of venues to support the industry and scene in that area, we are right up for it.

You can catch the bands on the road during IVW

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